Thursday, January 24, 2013

The pizza experience and some rice pudding

I know it´s just pizza and -yes, I know- it´s also just rice pudding. But "Lombardi´s" is known as the "first Pizzaria in America" and the Pizza was huuuge, althogh we ate it all because it really was delicious. 

The second place "Rice to Riches"(perhaps someone has seen it in a Sex and the City episode or the movie Hitch) is probably the one and only place in the world where you can only buy rice pudding an nothing else. The 21 different flavours (from "Hazelnut chocolate Bear hug" to  "French Toast") are making it difficult to decide what to try first and what better not ;) 

Altogether my friend and I were impressed and surprised, what "little Italy" had to offer and I (just want to speak for myself) will definitely come back when I´m craving for pizza or rice pudding or even when I just want to find out, what else "little Italy" can delight me with.

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