Thursday, March 21, 2013

The sweet Escape

Wanna escape from the loud, stinky and fast moving city?? One opportunity is to take the Roosevelt Island Tramway to Roosevelt Island, a very tiny island in the East River of New York City.
It´s just perfect to peacefully read a book or just to get a clear brain while you enjoy the view to the city.

Get on the Tram at 59th street 2nd Avenue in Manhattan and within ten minutes you are on the island.

It´s even just worth it to take the Tram to the island and right back (or as in my case to take some -or 200- pictures on the riverside), because the sight out of the tram is quite not bad and it costs no more than a normal subway ride.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"club hopping" and "hip hopping"

Here a little summary about Clubbing in Manhattan... where should I start?! 
You can make it in 12 (or even more) hours to 4 (or even more) clubs.
In the afternoon there´s something called a brunch party and, well, it is a brunch that becomes a club after a while. In the early evening you can go out for dinner with club atmosphere and if you´re lucky someone will take you and a group of people in a stretch limo to the following club, otherwise you just take a cab. If you get bored in one club you can (almost) go next door to the next one, that is called "club hopping".
But let me say one thing: If you are planning to have a 12- hour party marathon and earlier in the day you decided to wear your highest and most uncomfortable heels.. take some flat shoes to change with you!!! (I speak from experience)

But altogether: IT IS SO MUCH FUN!



Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Heading up to Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village - home of many famous musicians and actors, but also plenty of cafés, bars, restaurants of different cultures and little boutiques and shops. 
If you want to relax and go for a walk or even bring your dog together with other dogs you can do that in Washington Square Park which you can find in the heart of Greenwich Village with the campus of the famous New York University (NYU) right next to it.

"Sex and the City"- Fans (I call myself an big one) shouldn´t miss Carrie Bradshaw´s house  which is also located in this neighborhood and even if you miss Mr. Big´s black limousine in front of the door and Carrie herself sitting on the stairs, trying on her newest pair of Manolo Blahnik´s, it is nice to see that place. 
If you are craving for something sweet or, just like me and my friend, for a hot chocolate on a cold winter day you can visit the charming "Magnolia Bakery" (also known from "Sex and the City").

All together... if you want to experience a "Village- feeling" in the middle of New York City, Greenwich Village is your place to go.

Washington Square Park

Carrie Bradshaw´s apartment

Monday, March 4, 2013

May each step you take be sweet


If you are looking for a sweet tempation in Manhattan, there are two places where you can definitely find some.
"Ladurée Paris" (above), offers all different kinds of the sweet, french Macarons and at "Dylan´s Candy Bar"(below) you can find nearly everything what you can imagine about candy or chocolate.
Both places are located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. And if you are not a lover of sweets, just like me, it is still worth visiting those stores, even if it´s just because of the fancy decoration and the plenty of colors.

dress made out of candy

treats for pets