Sunday, November 24, 2013

A little bit of my trip to Philly..

Wow.. I found some shots of when I went to Philadelphia, which was in May..
I know it's almost nothing but I am gonna share more pictures of this trip as soon as I can get access to all my pictures again.
But for now.. this is Philly, a City where you can visit all tourist spots within two hours, just by walking.
So the rest of our days we could spend with our friend, who lives there and knows the city by heart.
He was able to take us to places where tourists wouldn't get, for example a small beer festival in a lovely neighborhood or his favorite Philly Cheesesteak place. Yummy!

I'm still alive

For technichal reasons I unfortunately don't have any access to my picture archive lately. I am tryng to get it fixed in the next couple weeks and hope to be back with a lot of shots of my all day life.

Meanwhile some instagram shots. My instagram: nelenelay

Monday, September 23, 2013

What makes this city to what it is?

There are so many different aspects which make this city to what it is. Streetart is one of them. It is to be found at every corner. Here are just some examples I captured in Little Italy and by the Highline Park.

alright, let's play the tourist guide

OMG, i know, it's been forever since my last post but there was just too much going on lately.
For example i got a whole bunch of visitors who I -of course- tried to be the best tourist guide for I could be. So I took them to the typical tourist spots, of which I saw some- for example Ground Zero- for the first time as well, but also to my favorite fleamarket in lovely Williamsburg from where you have the most amazing view over Manhattan.

times square

love that one- the hungry family

williamsburg fleamarket

roosevelt island
east river state park- williamsburg fleamarket 

top of the rocks

washington square park

flat iron

9/11 memorial

Monday, July 22, 2013

Welcome to Miami

YEAH I finally made it- here comes a Miami Blogpost.

I don´t wanna waste too many words because I think the pictures show kind of everything what my vacation was all about: beach, cocktails, beach, palm trees (they always make me happy with their very own "summer charm"), beach, a trip to the Everglades Nationalpark and  girls- night- outs.

Btw South Beach totally satisfied my expectations: There really are a lot of girls rollerblading down Oceans Drive, Muzzlemen working out at the Beach and a loooot of fancy colors everywhere.

Everglades Nationalpark

July 4th firework under palm trees

Friday, June 28, 2013

If I had a boat

I know, I know, I know... after my last post you probably expect me under palm trees, in the sun, on a sandy beach in Miami. But right now I am still home and I just can´t stop to look through all the pictures I took lately. So here comes one more post -this time for real-  before I´ll say "I am going to Miami".
With those images I tried to capture the charming atmosphere of rowing a boat on "The Lake" in Central Park

PS: Enjoy the beautiful song (posted below) , which gave my post it´s name while you´re looking at the pictures :)

Our highness Queen S