Thursday, January 31, 2013

Go Nets

Did I really experience a Brooklyn Nets Training from the first row? YES 
Did I know any of the players before? NO.. not really   (I just thought "That one guy looks like Kim Kardashians ex husband" -until I found out it´s him - Kris Humphries)
Did I also see the following game? YES (Brooklyn Nets -vs- Orlando Magic)
Did I like it? ...NO?!..
Did I love it? YES!!! (The atmosphere was thrilling.)

Will I come back?   Hell YEA, soon!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Servus Nele,
    jetzt werden auch noch Deine Texte witzig:
    "Did I like it? ...NO?!.."
    "Did I love it? YES!!! " The atmosphere!
    "Will I come back? Hell YEA, soon!!!!"
    Da muß man schmunzeln! Weiter so!
    liebe Grüße Martin